Luxury bathing wines!

Did you know?

Our soaps actively respire and grow towards supremacy. A three year old soap is more outstanding than a three month old soap, just like wine. Yes… The process of combining the essential oils and the other organic ingredients as they bond, increases our soaps’ superiority day by day. Our handcrafted luxury soaps are made in a UCP process as small batches with organic oils, essential oils, butters, herbal oils & other sacred botanicals and cured for at least 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the meteorological conditions. At Bio Organic & Natural, we never heat the organic oils but convert them directly in a slow UCP process at 20*F [which is the maximum]. This makes our soaps the best soaps ever in the world. Amalgamation of the organic oils and the essential oils is an art of natural luxury that brings us real splendid soaps. It gives a natural divine touch to our skin with healthy, healing properties and plays a dynamic role with our senses and emotions. During the curing process our soaps get softer as water evaporates and finally get the eye-catching cheese-like texture. Our organic handmade luxury soaps contain abundant natural glycerine, to treat you with the best soap in your bath or shower. Bio Organic & Natural’s organic luxury soaps are not just bars of real soap but timeless treasures for men, women, and children to cherish & enjoy.

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Showing 1–16 of 29 Result