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At Bio Organic & Natural we have prepared an organic handmade facial lotion to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and help battle against the aging process while maintaining moisture levels throughout the day. Rewind & Remain is our organic anti-aging daily facial lotion enriched with plant-derived emollients to incomparably harmonize, clarify, & refine your complexion while rewinding your skin’s age.
This Rose water is an elegant skin toner while playing the role of an anti-anxiety spray and a mild deodorant. Suitable for spraying after washing the face, drying & before proceeding with your daily facial routine and/or spraying onto the face when ever your face feels dull & needs the replenishment! Since ancient times, rose oil has been considered as the Queen of floral oils due to its fascinating properties. As Bio Organic & Natural’s Rose Water is made by a unique distillation method involving only water, rose oil, and rose petals, the detoxifying & therapeutic properties are kept intact and help in preventing acne, anti-aging, moisturizing, and balancing the skin.
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