Our Inspiration, our mission, our message…
At Bio Organic & Natural we are inspired by the nature’s secrets towards longevity and healing properties riddled in its precious oils, fragrant flowers, gentle healing herbs, flavored spices and other valuable botanicals. We propel to deliver this organic experience of ‘true nature’ to you as we have recognized that these wonders of aromatherapy will render tranquility and good health to the body, mind, and soul.
Our team strives to consistently create, offer, and convey an incomparable lifestyle through a range of body, bath, home, and accessorial products exclusively organic and handcrafted. Yes, this is not just a range of personal care products on the shelf, but a conscious way of living, an archaic way of life for everyone.

Our Story

We are not a company but a journey that began in Auroville, India by one man named Ganesh Chandrasekaran back in 1997. At the time, it was only the pure application of several Ayurvedic recipes to treat health problems luring among the locals. Further on, as proper nutrition is the root of Ayurveda, healthy dining was made available back in the days. From there we realised that this conscious living was a priceless gift of good and wellbeing hidden in the act of being organic, natural and bio-environment friendly; hence was born our name Bio Organic & Natural signifying the act of being natural, inartificial, and conscious within and about our surrounding in our daily routine including our accessorial practices towards skin, body, & hair care along with our home hygiene and health. Overall, our abbreviation represents and means ‘good’ for everyone.

Today, our journey continues to follow the light. We are proud to announce that our growth is measured in the smile on our customers’ faces and the love in our employees’ hearts worldwide. At BON we are a healthy family, here we don’t refer to big investors of any sort but the lovely hearts that make us who we are Team. Our Team is holding hands on skilled, talented, artistic and creative women from surrounding areas. who are the gentle handed who craft every product individually to the perfection, the team make this art possible and eventually safe guard it until it lands on your hands similar to nature’s exertion resulting in pure rain drops.

We are unique
What we do and how we do is what makes us different in the most special way. Starting as a natural seed that fell into the soils of a wild jungle, we have grown and continue to grow with the belief in adopting the natural alternative to everything which should be natural; starting from the way of processing & developing to the materials used in packing & printing we have proved and are proud to say that “we are a pollution free unit” of the modern world.
We are not commercial; we don’t just buy the special ingredients and run them through automated processes to turn them into products in bulk quantities ready to be sold for money. Instead, we source our precious ingredients selectively and, following some of the most traditional recipes from Ayurveda & ancient Southern India, we handcraft these ingredients with attention and care to produce only the finest products that can suit everyone. All our products are 100% handmade, hand filled, and packed by hand in small batches in order to keep the richness of the ingredients intact and effective.

Our BON team is dedicated to serve for a healthy humanity and is taking little steps to save the environment by aiming stop soil and water pollution.
We believe that women in India are no less valuable than any other individual and should be able to freely go out of their houses (or better said out of their kitchens) and enjoy themselves! What we provide at BON is unique. We designed our workshop and built our facilities in such a way that our women can freely sing, dance, laugh, play sports and enjoy themselves without having to stress or be worried about the difficulties at home; our ‘belief’ becomes possible.