Why Our Handmade Organic Soaps?

What soap do you currently use?
The commercial soap bars that generally line most grocery stores’ shelves?
Well, chances are that those are not soaps at all, but mere detergents, filled with things you can’t pronounce. You may want to check those labels. They probably contain the descriptions “Body Bar”, “Deodorant Bar”, “Cleansing Bar”, or “Beauty Bar” instead of “Bath Soap”; in that case, it’s definitely a synthetic detergent.

What is BON Handcrafted Soap made of?
We hand make our Natural Organic Oil Soaps by a traditional & Unique Cold Process [UCP], while using only USDA certified vegetable oils, Organic Essential Oils [that are Allergen free certified], and precious Botanicals. Each individual oil ingredient is carefully chosen for its lathering and moisturizing properties in the soap. Essential and fragrant oils contribute to the luxurious yet mild scent while the natural ingredients impart colour, and the botanicals & spices add textured properties.

Why is Glycerine Important?
During our Unique Cold Process, glycerine is a naturally formed by-product. This glycerine in particular has unmatchable properties to absorb moisture from the air and is therefore great for the skin; it’s a natural, gentle emollient, humectants that keeps the skin moisturized and supple. One molecule of glycerine is created for every three molecules of soap which is why our soaps are rich in glycerine. Commercial soap makers usually remove any glycerine from their soap base, bleached the fatty base with chemicals for the purpose of colouring, and eventually sell it (to you?). With BON’s Handmade Soap, however, all of the naturally occurring glycerine remains intact.

Ever felt real Quality?
BON Handcrafted Soap is naturally much softer though carrying solid texture by nature. It’s sort of like carrying tough cheese on your palms that smells and feels great! The best part is the extremely rich lather that doesn’t require you to rub onto the soap several hundred times but only a few strokes with water or even one stroke if the soap is moist enough. Our customers of all ages have expressed that the fascinating lather takes their bath experience to the next level with this excellent texture and consistency. You will also notice that BON handmade soap keeps itself fresh too by drawing moisture from the air into small beads that will maintain the soap bar’s surface humid. Both of these traits indicate our soaps’ high glycerine content.

Why our Soaps cost more?
Once acquainted, it’s easy to tell that a bottled mango juice beverage from the factory isn’t the same as an organically grown mango itself. If you’ve tried our soaps you‘ll notice this very difference. This explains why BON handmade Organic Soap costs a bit more than what you may be used to. Carefully sourced and organic certified quality ingredients cost more, but we would hate to compromise on that. We deliver quality, care, and health for everyone. Our products may cost a bit more, but our quality is priceless.

What is BON’s soap production set-up?
Bio Organic & Natural’s production set-up is purposely situated among a garden of trees where production is separated by type of product into the respective production unit buildings. Each building is eco structured and uniquely designed to cater for the respective product line while keeping our concept and energy viable. We don’t have a huge factory with machineries, robots, 50 ton vats, or corporate big-wigs. Instead, we have small building structures at a distance from one another allowing the fresh breeze, animals, birds, and our BON staffs to move around freely.