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I live in Hyderabad and have used your products and would love to use them again. It works great.
We purchased your soap while on a trip to Sedona, AZ. We love it!
Susan B
Hello, someone recently gave me a bar of your soap, for washing laundry, but as I did not save the wrapper I don't know exactly what it was. I reside in Trichy and would like to order a number of these soaps.
Tatiana Davidiuk
I recently bought your soap when traveling in Sedona, Arizona in an Indian store. Then as I have used it. I tried to find where else I could buy it at. Thanks! Chris
Chris Scheirer
Hi - I was in Auroville a month ago and bought some of your soaps. I am really keen on getting a batch of your other products for personal use. Thanks Padmaja
Dear Sir – Recently we bought your aloevera soap in an organic shop, Chennai. Wow...It’s a wonderful soap. Now I need of aloe Vera soaps.
I bought one pack of Palm Candy from Ashram Honesty and found very effective. I am curious to know your other products also.
Santosh K Banerjee
hi, My name is nesh and i was on holidays in Auroville Jan 2014. Bought some of your soaps and like them a lot. I’m a yoga teacher in Congo, central Africa and would be interested in bringing your products here. namaste nesh
Dear Ganesh, Since I had been walking almost for 5 hrs. in Mumbai, my legs had swollen up and were very painful. No medicine works for this varicose pain. Today morning I tried the massage oil and unbelievably my pain subsided within 5 mins. At last I have found something which can take care of my pain and swelling. Congratulations and thanks a lot for creating such a product. One more thing, the oil is absorbed easily and does not leave a oily layer on skin. Regards, Sunita H Jaju
Sunita H Jaju
Hi recently, we visited Auroville visitor centre and purchased "Natural Aloe Vera pure Gel" small pack. It is so pure that's the feeling we got on first use itself. with thanks sandeep kumar
it’s very good to use and i need lemon soap
Hi, I'm using your soap regularly. Currently i'm in USA and wanted to know if they are available any US or any way to send to my location? Thanks Vijay
Dear Sir/Madam, We were using your BON soap products for last 3 to 4 months. We were very much impressed with quality products. We used to get this in one of the organic shop in Velacherry.
I am happy to share u that Your product Aloe vera Gel gives me very good result with in one week.
hi, i have tried your soaps they are good.
ragini mathur
: i love your incense sticks and I generally buy only organic and natural products. I want to try your laundry powder.
Dears, Sometime ago I was in Auroville and I tried your soap. They are very good :-)
Anton Smushkov
Dear Sir, i would like to purchase  your natural soaps. I had purchased the same when I had visited Pondicherry. I would be very grateful. Thanks and regards suzanne
I purchased a soap at your outlet in Cochin and am liking and would like to order some more soaps... I reside at Hyderabad- Andhra Pradesh
Meenakshi Balla